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작성자 아이콘헤헤
작성일 2005-05-10 15:05:26 KST 조회 4,573
심장부 딜링 캐릭 이야기 (마법사는 어디로...)

Now that everyone has stopped the stupid drivel about rogues sucking, we can look at classes that might suck for real. This is what a Molten Core raid looks like for Ascent:

MC Damage

This is not a single person parseing, but rather practically every source of damage on the raid parsing their data. This was done using DamageMeters. The data is total damage done during encounter, not dps.

For those that are not familiar with raiding yet, the colors mean the following:
Yellow = rogue
Brown = warrior
Green = hunter
Blue = mages (Demott color seems to bug some, but he is a mage as well)
Violet = warlock (Cynical only one)
Pink(ish) = shaman

The composition of the raid changed over time, so for example Merton doesn't appear at Gehennas because he was not in the raid at the time.

Ragnaros is the most interesting one, since it shows 20 people and the composition is still remembered... for the dps classes it was:
8 rogues (all in top 20)
7 warriors (all except MT in top 20)
4 hunters (all at the very bottom of top 20)
7 mages (1 in top 20)

If you ignore our healers (of whom all except some wild shaman were healing), the bunch outside top 20 that was practically only mages, warlocks and the main tank. I wonder if anyone thinks this is even close to what it should be... The best part is that the fight is really short too, so the mages have nothing even remotely approaching mana problems (not that they usually have mana problems anyway, but still). That just means that if the fight would be significant longer, the difference would be even greater, possibly with mages down to 20-25% or rogues.

Further info:
The fight lasted roughly 2 minutes 40 seconds.
Rhaski and Ssnakess were wielding perdition's, both did between 60,000 and 61,000 damage -> 375dps
Albrecht was wielding Typhoon.
Forgrim was wielding Bonereaver's Edge.
Ragnos was using Finkle's Lava Dredger
Ragnos did 35,000 damage -> 220 dps
All the hunters have bows from Molten Core.
Gagram did 22,000 damage -> 140dps


출처 :


Ascent 길드에서 밝힌 심장부에서의 데미지 딜링 관련 클래스 이야기 입니다.

dps 가 아닌 누적 데미지를 측정하는 "데미지 미터" 라는 UI 를 사용 하여 이를 측정 했습니다.


노랑 = 도적
갈색 = 전사
녹색 = 사냥꾼
파랑 = 마법사 (Demott color seems to bug some, but he is a mage as well)
보라 = 흑마 (Cynical only one)
분홍 = 주술사


결론적으로 라그나로스에 데미지 딜링 클래스 를 살표 보면
8 도적 (all in top 20)
7 전사 (all except MT in top 20)
4 냥꾼 (all at the very bottom of top 20)
7 법사 (1 in top 20)

라 불리는 클래스 중

실제 상위 20 중에, 8 의도적, 7 명의 전사중 맨탱을 제외한 6명의 전사, 4명의 냥꾼, 한명의 법사가 상위 20 위에 해당합니다.

그것도 가장 데미지 딜링을 많이한 클래스는 대부분 도적과 전사이고요.

과연.. 마법사를 데미지 클래스라고 부를수 있을 것인가.

하는것이 Ascent 의 논점입니다.

실 예로, 제가 속한 7A 공대팀에서 마법사가 4명일때 첫 도전에 19 프로 남기는데 까지 성공한 반면,

마법사가 8명으로 늘고 나서, 꽤 많이 도전해가며 점차 최적이 되었음에도 불구하고, 딜링이 훨씬 떨어졌습니다.

점차적으로 고급 무기의 dps 가 높아지는 이때 마법사의 위치는 어디일까요?




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