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작성자 아이콘 ROCKSON
작성일 2018-02-09 10:42:12 KST 조회 1,084
HOTFIXES – FEBRUARY 8, 2018 (번역 X)






Today we’re pushing out a few fixes focused on resolve issues with a few of our maps.




Bug Fixes


Siege tanks in tank form will no longer send out attack notifications to the enemy before firing.


High Templars can no longer cast Feedback on an Orbital Command.


Backwater LE

Increased the pathable terrain areas at the closed-in third base expansion to allow ground units to attack unupgraded Liberators sieging minerals lines.

Changed ground pathing by adding unpathable terrain near the closed-in third base expansion to prevent Siege Tanks from reaching and firing on nearby base structures.

Improved visibility of creep located underwater.

Fixed a location where water was not completely filling the exposed space.

Fixed a rock doodad that floating in the air.


Snowbound Colony

Fixed an issue that caused a player’s initial base to be 1 tile too far from the minerals and gas.













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