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아주 아주 간만에 업데이트 합니다 -_-;;;
게으름 병이 늘어나서...

The next World of Warcraft content patch will feature two major new areas for exploration and conflict. Zul Gurub is a 20-person, casual high-end raid dungeon, extending World of Warcraft's epic, high-level end-game. Also in the next patch, the dev team is planning to release a brand new Battle Ground - the Arathi Basin - for player-versus-player mayhem. Arathi Basin will be a medium high-end map that will focus on the Horde vs. Alliance resource struggle. Teams will need to capture and hold strategic objectives to gather resources for their side. The first team to reach their resource goals wins. Watch and the Insider in the coming weeks for previews on these new areas and other announcements on upcoming content for World of Warcraft.

주요 내용 정리 :
20인 캐주얼 유저 레이드 던전 줄그룹 등장 - 법사 계열의 에픽 아이템 다수 등장 예정.(요건, 관련 다른 GM 리플 에서 나온 야기)
새로운 전장 Arathi Basin 등장 - 적략적인 물건을 빼앗아 자원 모으기 게임.

The next patch is looking to have some good things for Hunters in it, and we're in the process of preparing a preview of the new Survival tree for you. A lot has changed, and while I know you'd love to hear what and when right this very instant, I'd rather wait and get as much information as I can for you about the various changes to the tree. Just to give you a hint, however... once this change goes in, people won't be complaining about Lacerate anymore. ;)

That's not the only change coming your way, but it is the one on which I have the most information. I will continue to drill for information as time goes on and the patch approaches; with hope, I'll be able to give you some idea of what to expect all around.

As it stands, I just wanted to inform you that I'm not ignoring you and I plan on getting more information to you soon. Stay tuned.

주요 내용 :
사냥꾼 생존 특성 대단위 변경.

Mage Invisibility was removed as it provided the player an opportunity to unleash a great deal of damage while unseen, similar to what the Rogue can do in stealth, except from a much greater distance. We do plan to restore invisibility to the Mage, in a slightly modified form. Some of the ideas I've heard discussed from the development team seem rather promising When I have more information on the subject, I'll be sure to share it with you.

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