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작성자 아이콘헤헤
작성일 2005-05-06 15:59:23 KST 조회 3,318
1.4.2 패치 단행
항상 최고 빠른 정보를 전하는 이오나 서버의 주피터 입니다.

1.4.1 의 클라이언트 충돌 문제 때문에, 북미에선 바로 1.4.2 패치를 단행 했습니다.

A new, minor patch has been released to address a crash issue in 1.4.1. There will be no downtime to apply this patch, and players can begin playing as soon as their version of World of Warcraft has been updated. We greatly appreciate your patience during the time it took to get this patch to you. Thank you for bearing with us!

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