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작성자 아이콘 PixieCoco
작성일 2017-11-12 01:01:58 KST 조회 2,588
Gawliq UI - Ahli 수정 버전 (홈스토리 컵 XVI에서 사용)

파일포켓 이미지

GSL에서도 사용했던 Gawliq UI를 만든 Gawliq가 한동안 업데이트를 안 하면서 Ahli(GameHeart Observer Interface 제작자)가 Gawliq UI 수정버전을 내놓았습니다.(홈스토리 컵을 주최하는 TakeTV에서 수정 요청이 왔다고 합니다.)


1.2버전 다운로드 ​(11/11/2017)


다운받은 파일을 내문서 폴더 > StarCraft II 폴더 > Interfaces 폴더에 넣어주시면 됩니다. 

스타2 실행 후 설정 > 관전자 및 리플레이 > 관전자 인터페이스, 리플레이 인터페이스 GawliqUiAhliMod 1.2선택.

-패치 노트-

v.1.0 (9th November 2017):

​- fixed leaderpanel tab's visibility (Blizz fixed a naming bug causing the issue)

- fixed info panel allowing mouse clicks through the UI around the wireframe

- fixed area near the minimap preventing the mouse from interacting with the 3D world

- fixed area at the top of the screen preventing the mouse from interacting with the 3D world

- added text scaling to the player names to fix names overlapping with the score

- removed "1" labels in the leaderpanel for uproduction, units and structure counters

- fixed vertical size of the tooltip area of production icons in the leaderpanel

- hid comparison bars in the leaderpanel (e.g. active forces tab)

v.1.1 (10th November 2017):

- hid command card hotkey labels

- fixed hotkey list not appearing in the message log

- fixed wrong hotkey displayed in the hotkey list

- the message log and the hotkey list now adjust to narrow screens to improve readability of the hotkeys

- removed unused/unnecessary files/code/settings to reduce file size and applied compression (saved nearly 2.5mb)

v.1.2 (11th November 2017):

- removed "press enter to chat" and "Press tab to cycle chat recepients" labels

- the game result panel will now appear in replays again

- showing panels in the center of the screen will hide other panels there (including GameHeart Extension mod graphs)

- fixed tooltips in leaderpanel and adjusted the size of the mouse area for the tooltips to not go over the area the images occupy

- fixed labels in the top right display "..." on some resolutions; it will now try to scale down to fit

- structures and units lost panel now does not display a "1" anymore

- raised max unit/structure lost entries from 15 to 26 (they will exceed the background image)

- raised max leaderpanel unit/structure/production/upgrade entries from 18 to 26

- added a 2 pixel outline around unit/production/structure/upgrade counts in the leaderpanel and units/structures lost panel replacing the shadow to make them easier to read on bright unit icons

- changed alignment of unit/production/structure/upgrade counts in the leaderpanel from centered to right and added size scaling to support values of 100+

- added some space to the map name label's right side

- added apm display hotkey to hotkey list​ 







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