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대혼돈의 요청내용


She's gotten lost in the woods and whilst trying to find out where she is, the tribesman sneaks up on her. 

Maybe something like one of your earlier works, where she's standing there and we see something sneaking up 

behind her - in this case, the tribesman, with a club in his hand. 



She wakes up on the altar right as he puts it in, taking her virginity. The altar is basically in the center of a village (I've got some references here) on a small mound, and the whole tribe is watching (shadow outlines in the background?) 

because he's their chief, and there are two fires burning on either side of the altar. She's surprised...



...but as he fucks her, fumes from the fires makes her start to give in, all as part of one large fertility ritual. He's still holding her legs open, but she's starting to moan and enjoy it even though she doesn't want to.



He cums inside of her and gets her pregnant, and she can't help but moan when he does it. It has the usual sperm and egg scene, but with six eggs because it was all one big fertility ritual meant to make sure she gets super-pregnant.​ 


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