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작성자 아이콘 흑인경비원
작성일 2019-04-26 23:33:04 KST 조회 541
패트론 후원자들에게 아이디어 좀 달라 하니까

Young girl is teasing a very large and horny male dog in the backwoods country by taking off her panties 

and getting down on all fours like a female dog in heat with her butt facing him 

and raising her ass outside of the reach of his chain to torment him. 


Chain breaks and the dogs owner that has always chased her off finds her and the male dog knotted together while the dog cums inside. The owner chains her up out back next to her new dog house as his male dog’s new permanent bitch.


Just a thought.​ 


대하 장편소설을 써오네


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아이콘 개념의극한 (2019-04-26 23:52:24 KST)
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마르크스ㅡ레닌주의자들과 그들의 지배하는 노동자에 대한 신랄하고도 통쾌한 메타포군요
아이콘 판다렌판다 (2019-04-27 00:26:47 KST)
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아이콘 WG완비탄 (2019-04-27 13:42:49 KST)
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나는 그만
Just a thought.​ 에서 기절했다
아이콘 제드 (2019-04-27 18:02:47 KST)
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