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작성자 아이콘 흑인경비원
작성일 2019-03-10 12:42:44 KST 조회 385
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파일포켓 이미지
파일포켓 이미지
파일포켓 이미지

First picture would be of her in full armor standing triumphantly over the creature with her sword stuck in it, while another creature of the same kind is behind her, about to pounce on her.


Second picture would be the creature fucking her with it's tentacles, any pose you like that shows off her body, her top, thong, belt and shoulders stripped off. Leggings, boots and gloves still on. Internal shot of eggs starting to fill her womb.


Third picture would be her stuck to slime on a wall, in the same setting, with a large pregnant belly and internal shot of her womb full of smaller versions of the creature, at least 3.


The full grown creature would be reddish, the ones growing inside her white, as in the pics. The background walls would be very close/claustrophobic.​ 


이게 와우다! 

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아이콘 일령 (2019-03-10 15:11:59 KST)
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평범한 촉수+임신물 같은데
아이콘 흑인경비원 (2019-03-10 15:58:15 KST)
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촉수 임신 정도야 평범한 단계인 게시판
아이콘 WG완비탄 (2019-03-10 17:12:28 KST)
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저것을 full armor라고 하느냐 고오얀놈
아이콘 답없어 (2019-03-10 18:57:32 KST)
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아이콘 판다렌판다 (2019-03-11 00:35:28 KST)
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촉수물 탄생!!
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